• How do I best prepare before the first consultation? Bring your diagnosis, medical journals and blood test results (if needed). You can find this at www.1177.se and do the following:

1. Sign in with your mobileID

2. Access journal services ("journaltjänster")

2. Click on journal ("journal")

3. Click "show all details" ("visa alla uppgifter")

4. Click "diagnoses"("diagnoser") if you want your diagnosis . Click "your test answers" ("dina provsvar") if you want your test answers.

  • How long is the wait and how do I book a time? I book in as soon as possible, the best way is to call, e-mail or send a message through the website.

  • Do you work with eating disorders? Yes, but it also depends on where you are in your treatment. The best thing is to call me and I can make a clearer assessment of whether I can help or not. If you have an eating disorder and we start working together, it may be good to go to a psychologist at the same time.


  • Can you help me with a vegan diet? Absolutely!


  • How is the payment made? Invoice will be sent to your email with a 10 day expiry date.


  • Can you use my wellness allowance with you? Yes! However, you should double check with your employer.

  • When is the latest I need to cancel/reschedule? 24 hours before the scheduled meeting otherwise full price will be charged. Please see the general terms and conditions here.


  • I do not live in Sweden / Stockholm but can I still book a time with you? Absolutely. The consultations can also be done through video calls or telephone.