Terms and conditions presentations Gayane Nutrition AB



Booking a Gayane Nutrition presentation can be done orally or in writing. Gayane Nutrition must confirm the booking in writing for the booking to be binding. 



Cancellation by the customer can be done four (4) weeks free of charge before the presentation date. In the event of later cancellation, Gayane Nutrition will send invoice with the full price for the cancelled presentation as if the presentation had taken place. This also applies if the lecture was booked within four weeks from the date of the presentation. 



Can be done free of charge until two (2) weeks before the presentation. If rebooking occurs less than two (2) weeks before the presentation date, an administrative fee of 3000 SEK + VAT per rebooking will be charged. 


Processing of personal data

Gayane Nutrition processes the Booker´s personal data in accordance without Privacy Policy which is available at www.gayanenutrition.com.



The presentation will include according to agreed content, which is determined after a suggestion from Gayane Nutrition and the approval by the Booker. 

For the presentation, compensation is paid with the fixed price confirmed by Gayane Nutrition. Unless otherwise agreed, Gayane Nutrition´s price list applies. The Booker must compensate Gayane Nutriton for accommodation and travel. Gayane Nutrition takes care of booking accommodation and travel in which will be added and included in the invoice sent with the presentation price. The booker is responsible for paying for and providing such premises and such material/equipment as the lecture requires, after specification of these requirements from Gayane Nutrition. Gayane Nutrition can help arrange supplementary materials if needed. 



Invoice is placed after booking with payment due date within 10 days. In the event of non-payment, default interest of 15% occurs. 


Cancelled presentation

If Gayane Nutrition is not able to conduct the presentation due to illness or death of a close relative or for other important personal reasons, Gayane Nutrition has the right to cancel the presentation. In these cases, Gayane Nutrition agrees to offer the lecture at a later time, which is decided with the Booker.


Copyright, etc. 

Gayane Nutrition holds all intellectual property rights to the material provided before, during or after the presentation and to all presentation content. The Booker/participants does not have the right to copy or distribute the martial in any form or via any media without Gayane Nutrition´s written consent. 


Limitation of liability 

Gayane Nutrition is not responsible for direct or indirect costs that arise for the Booker due to a cancelled lecture. Gayane Nutrition´s liability shall in any case be limited to the value of what the Booker pain in accordance with the booking. 


Force majure

Circumstances beyond Gayane Nutrition´s control that could not or should not have been foreseen or reasonably taken into account at the time of the booking, for example but not limited to, war, fire, flooding, interruption in public communications, interruption in public energy supply, pandemic, significant restrictions on delivers or similar circumstances entitle Gayane Nutrition to suspend or suspend performance of the agreement and to withdraw (terminate) the agreement without obligation to pay damages. 


Complete regulation

These terms and conditions along with the booking confirmation make up the complete agreement between Gayane Nutrition and the Booker and take precedence over all previous, oral or written, agreements or arrangements between the parties. 


Applicable law and disputes

Swedish law shall be applied to these terms. Disputes shall be settles exclusively by the Stockholm District Court.